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Mod apply ..

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1 Mod apply .. on Wed Jul 30, 2014 10:55 am

P!r@te$ k!ller

1) Your USGN.                                                                      : 120840
2) Your playtime on the server.                                     : 23 day 4 h
3) Your nickname ( Used on the server )                    : P!r@te$ k!ller
4) Your GMT or Current Time or Country                  : GMT +2:00 (Palestine)
5)  Why you're want to be MOD and some words about yourself.  
I want to be mod because "There is 2 mods only" , and i see some times rules breakers ..
About me i'm boy 11 years old , i like to play online games and i like the minecraft server Razz and my English is very good (4/5)
And guys i know that maybe you will say you will insult people , any way that was long time ago and i won;t do that again Sad .

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