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The punisher

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1 The punisher on Fri May 09, 2014 10:59 pm


He is spawn-killer and he is VIP?
He breaks the rules  Mad face 
Kill everyone ( stats : 375 kills / 3 deadths ) , he take portal, create a base and go to spawn...
Not good  Sad 

2 Re: The punisher on Sat May 10, 2014 2:23 am

sF*l Roby_Fire

sF*l Roby_Fire
Ultramasterkillarawesomeepixwowfantasticomegaalphaniceheadshoot guy and post..

This server is getting fcked by all.

3 Re: The punisher on Sun May 11, 2014 9:34 pm


Poor newbie :C

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