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Clan help ( Not my)

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1 Clan help ( Not my) on Thu Mar 27, 2014 7:06 pm


[size=16.666667938232422]Hello 1 guy named Zintik opened clan, he did not request me, but our clan is supporting it. He asked for little copy of name our old clan ( cb is closed) '' CombatWarriors.. so he asked me for moderators to help with website. Clan is accepting only good players, he is not himself so good, but he is just '' leader '' and he needs pro players.. but Moderators too. Im not accepted, and i dont want.. because cB may open again. So he will be '' inactive'' and needs other to control clan, so he accept some admins too.. Maybe 2..

About Cw clan:

Support:  CombatBros

Video have made by Zintik / Me .. So i share it in our clan channel.

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