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Zero Tolerance Policy

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1 Zero Tolerance Policy on Thu Jan 16, 2014 5:34 pm


MC2D Admin
MC2D Admin
Zero Tolerance Policy

It means that you knew the rules, and if you violated those rules (even accidentally), we will do no warns (except for 5th attempts) and further action will be taken.

The players that will violate any rules will be punished according to their violations immediately. Even ban could be implemented if you broke the rule simultaneously or repeatedly.

The Mods (even admins) repeatedly warned, warned, warned, then warned again for god sake and the irony, this annoying actions should be stopped.

Isn't it annoying? Saying "DO NOT SPAWNKILL DONT INSULT REMOVE YOUR TURRETS blablabla"  and they keep saying "Why kick? Why mute? Who kicked me?".

You must read the rules, we don't care if you don't know it, rules are rules.

I repeat, any violators will be punished according to their violations:

Any VIPs or Moderators that will violate the server rules must be reported immediately. Any person that will disobey the server rules will be punished.
Lastly, every moderators that punishes players for personal reason must be reported.


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